Voters Choice Act of 2016 AB 1921

In 2016, the new Voters Choice Act was instituted by the California legislature. The people never voted on whether they wanted the Voters Choice Act or not. The Voter’s Choice Act does away with many Chain of Custody controls.

  1. Prior to the Voter’s Choice Act, every precinct was responsible for accounting for the number of ballots that were printed, voted on, spoiled, and left over.  On a precinct level, this safeguard no longer exists in counties where the Voter’s Choice Act is implemented because there is no precinct counting.  The more precincts that are involved in the counting, then the less fraud.  If the counting is all done in one place then the potential for fraud increases.  Previously, each precinct posted the count on the door after the count was completed.  Each precinct tabulation was printed in the newspaper.
  2. Another Chain of Custody issue is in-person voting required under public observation of who comes in to vote.  Vote buying, coercion, and fraud are more likely under the Voter’s Choice Act.
  3. The Voter’s Choice Act does away with the publicly observable counting of ballots at each precinct.  This is another Chain of Custody safeguard removed.
  4. The Voter’s Choice Act eliminates the public comparison of aggregated totals with the component parts.  That means the publication of precinct totals along with the total tabulation.
  5. When a ballot can be deposited anywhere in the state and then must be transported to an already overworked Registrar in another county, there is a greater potential for error and tampering.
  6. Only official ballots should be used. In a Voters Choice Act county, what if the ballots were intercepted and replaced by an altered ballot during transport.  The elimination of Chain of Custody opens the door to so much fraud and contamination.
  7. The Voters Choice Act hampers the right of any person to verify the count because of the removal of chain of custody controls.