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Ballot Harvesting

Since AB 1921 became law in 2016, anybody can walk into an election office and hand over truckloads of Vote by Mail Ballots. Ballot harvesting breaks the chain of custody. The public has a right to authenticate the truth of the voting results. If anyone can drop off any number of ballots, then how do you find out where the ballots came from, how they were obtained, was there any alteration during transport? How many people had their hands on them? There is no photo voter ID, no address, and no phone number required of the person delivering the ballots. Are there any investigators tracking down the person who delivered the ballots from his/her name and signature? Ballot Harvesting is illegal in most states because it makes voter fraud so possible. In elections, chain of custody violations can result in court orders to redo the election.

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No Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody is a legal term that means that the handling of each ballot, election records, and data was careful in order to demonstrate to the public that there has been no tampering or contamination.
The public has a right to know and see who can vote, who did vote, the actual ballots as marked by each voter, how were the ballots moved and stored. There must be a clear identification of all persons present for each essential part of the election process.

Non-Citizens Voting

Secretary of State

Election officials can’t say whether non-citizens voted or not ¹.
The Secretary of State has failed to do his job and we must hold him accountable. With more than a million non-citizens holding drivers licenses, we must demand that protections of the electoral process be in place. It is illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections.


The California Department of Motor Vehicles now registers voters and has admitted to at least 105,000 wrong voter registrations². The DMV has said that it is not responsible for checking the voter rolls for non-citizens.

Registrar of Voters

The Registrar of Voters has stated that they don’t check citizenship and that if the voter states that they are a citizen, the Registrar takes their word for it, and counts their vote. Please call your County Registrar of Voters and ask them if they are checking their voter rolls for non-citizens. We must show our concern and find out who is accountable.

Non-Citizens Deciding America’s Future
By allowing non-citizens to vote, our freedom as Americans is
jeopardized. The rule of law must prevail. Societies where the rule of law is not enforced become societies afflicted by tyranny, corruption, and crime.

Non-Citizens voting is a violation of Chain of Custody
A good chain of custody provides evidence of who can vote. If non-citizens are voting and no one is checking the voter rolls for citizenship, then this is a chain of custody violation. There should be independent auditors who verify that the voter rolls have no non-citizens. Any federal election in which non-citizens voted has “incurable uncertainty”. The results can’t be authenticated. The election should be redone.

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Impersonation of a Registered Voter

Get out the vote (GOTV) finds out legally who has not voted and reports to the campaign. Someone then calls the registered voter and asks if they are going to vote. If during the phone call the voter says they are not going to vote, then fraudsters could be sent to vote in their place. Exact copies of signatures are on file with numerous organizations. When no voter ID is required then all the person has to do is produce the name and address of the person to get their ballot. Voters who are on the rolls but who haven’t voted in years can be impersonated. Eleven California counties had more people on their voter rolls than were adults eligible to vote. Los Angeles County had more than 1.5 million people who should have been removed from the voter rolls.

Starting in 2017, voters are no longer required to state their name and address aloud and have it repeated. They now only need to “provide” name and address. This further facilitates voter impersonation. In addition, voters are no longer required to write their address.  

Voter Coercion

This consists of “helping” elderly people fill out their ballot or “assisting” second language speakers. Unions and other large groups such as college students get together to fill out their ballots. Often people feel coerced and the potential for fraud exists because the voting isn’t in a precinct where poll officers are present and watching.

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Buying of Voter

The new rules for voting have made it very easy to sell your vote. Someone picks up your ballot at the door and pays you, then delivers the ballot for you. Vote Buying is a victimless crime in which both parties benefit.  Who would report it? This is another reason why ballot harvesting is against the law in most states.

Vote by Mail Not Received and Registration Changed

Election Integrity Project California documented strong evidence that thousands of Californians did not receive their vote-by-mail ballot and that thousands more had their registration changed without their knowledge or consent. Both of these circumstances, added to other reports, suggest that voter disenfranchisement and illegal ballot harvesting may be alive and well in California ³.

California Voting Machines are Proprietary Software and can’t be checked for accuracy by your County Registrar of Voters

Voting Machines in California are owned by Dominion and the software is proprietary.

It is important to know that the County Registrar of Voters can’t look at the software to determine the accuracy of the counting of votes.  No one credible is allowed to look at the computer code. There is a huge potential for fraud when the agency responsible for the accuracy of the count can’t even look at the computer code.

Please call your County Registrar of Voters and ask them if the Dominion software for their voting machines is “proprietary”.  Ask if we can check the software for accuracy with independent computer programmers.


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